About Us

indiawishes4u.com site  is a Festival News Portal dedicated to the upcoming festival/events. We will provide Festival News, Speech & Essay for every festival, Mobile News, Movie News, App Reviews etc. We have a group of dedicated fest lovers who believe in sharing information and updates related to every upcoming festivals/ occasion.

We started indiawishes4u.com site in the year, 2018, with our primary objective, is to provide the latest & Quality News Content on the Every Festivals like Images, Wishes, Wallpapers, Speech, Essay etc. We started off with a group of 2 member & now we are more than 4 member
indiawishes4u.com has now reached to a wide audience, and many of our readers are contributing so well. Our team has been growing over the year and is now focuses on providing news on a wide range of Events
We stick to the main purpose is to provide “Quality Images, GIF on latest Festivals” that is much needed for all the followers. 

Our Goal

We aim to create high-quality content for our readers around festivals. Our main purpose is to help you in finding Festival news that really matters to you. We are not just a news site or a festival blog, instead, we are a dedicated network for connecting Occasions enthusiasts and providing them the information they need.

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